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Planning to buy a new phone? Want to know which operating system will fulfill your requirements? Read this article to know the features of the latest Android lollipop 5.1.1 operating system. Know why you should be opting for it and what special features does it come with in comparison to the previous versions. The Android Lollipop spans between the version 5.0 to 5.1.1 with 5.1.1 version being the most updated version of the lollipop version. The Lollipop version was released for use on November 2014 and it comes with a handful of fresh new features that makes it superior to the previous Android versions developed by Google.

Android Lollipop comes with a new notification system and each notification is displayed as cards can can be seen even when the screen is locked. A heads-up banner feature is also added so that those notifications can be seen at the top of the screen with a call-to-action icon. A do-not-disturb button is also added that allows you to turn your device completely silent for an interval of 1 hour or more. The new version of Android Lollipop 5.1.1 gives a better WiFi and Bluetooth control. You can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth directly from the notification panel so that you do not have to go to the settings and use those features. The latest version of Android Lollipop also offers better device protection. With the Lollipop update, you can pretty much check all the updates and notifications easily and ignore the ones which you think is not important. Just swipe a notification left or right to remove it. It also offers HD calling and better screen resolution. Android Lollipop has really revamped itself a lot since its previous version called Kitkat. With all these wonderful features on offer, investing in a phone that has the latest version of Android Lollipop installed won’t be a bad choice. Google has worked a lot to develop all the features keeping in mind the need of the public. Also, the operating system reportedly works perfect without lag or crashes. Go ahead and check online for the best phone that will have the latest version of Android Lollipop 5.1.1 installed in it.


Welcome to the world of ALLINmobile, the house of finest smartphones and tablets in Italy. We are here to give you a remarkable experience in the wonderful device called the smartphone. With ample scope for innovation, our technicians are always on the process of optimizing the operating system. Keeping this in mind, we have made some of our smartphones powered by an octa-core processor for a powerful performance so that you can go with the flow and accomplish every possible task from booking a cab to playing your favorite movie or maybe recording a special event in HD format on the go. So here is a list of fantastic mobiles you can get from us like ASSO 64, COLOSSEO, DUOMO, ARENA and BRAVO for the best experience ever.
But, before laying hands on these beauties get to know everything about octa-core processor, their ins and outs and befriend your device. In a lay man’s word, a processor is the brain of your mobile, it executes what you want your mobile to do. Smartphones are mini computers, and the core is the element in the processor that reads and executes your instructions. Devices emerged with a single core processor and by 2014 it was mostly about quad-core power. A year later we saw the rise of the octa-core processor launched by leading mobile brands. So what is the big deal about smartphones powered by octa-core processor? Let's know about it.
In case of quad-core, each core is assigned to do a particular task simultaneously, like playing a 3D game or watching a movie for fast and fluid performance. But modern octa-core processors simply have two sets of quad-core processor which splits the tasks among them according to types. Most of the time the less powered set of cores are assigned the job, the high powered set of four cores will only work when required, in times of more advanced tasks. So now giving heavy weight instructions to your smartphone like playing an HD video, photo manipulation, gaming etc., is just a piece of cake.
It's time to upgrade your simple smartphone into a super device with All in Moblile smart phones powered with octa-core processor for an awesome performance. Experience power with technology.


With so many mobile phone brands launching countless models every year, it has become a tough job to choose the right mobile for oneself. You have to hunt through different advertisements or the internet to get the one of your choice. Hang on, for here is the one-stop solution for your mobile hunt. The future is here with ASSO64 smartphone with dual sim.
The ASSO64 is the ultimate smartphone with Android 4.4.4 from the house of ALLINmobile, optimized by the technicians with Gesture and Fingerprint, a no-touch technology for managing and browsing the phone. This power packed device is equipped with all the essential features to keep you with the flow, while making you feel different from the rest. This high performing Italian smartphone is super fast and a hard worker because of its 64 bit, 1.7 GHz, Octa Core MT6752  processor that ensures you have a power -acked performance all the time. This wonderful smartphone supports 4G with 150mbps of internet speed. Now watch your favorite movies or soap operas anytime on the go without interruption.
ASSO64 is enriched with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory which can store apps, pictures, videos and audio files. Do not worry if you run out of space for there is an option of expandable memory which supports up to 16 GB via memory card, which is included in the price.
Enjoy extraordinary viewing experience in 5 inches HD display screen offering 1920x1080 resolution at 480 dpi. Watch crystal-clear picture and enjoy rich browsing in this smartphone whose display ensures bright colors and deep contrast for a life-like visual experience.
Click pictures of everything and anything with the fantastic camera powered by 13mp primary and 5mp front camera. Enjoy clicking photos in low light or hard light with CMOS, flash and aperture of f/2.2. The camera is equipped with all kinds of features for taking pictures in all types of condition. Choose different modes according to different conditions.
The phone comes with a grand 3650 mAh battery which can offer up to 48 hours of continuous talk-time on a single charge. The large capacity of the battery ensures that you have enough juice in your mobile to get your day’s work done.
Apart from all these fantastic features, ASSO64 is not a pocket pincher. It comes at an affordable price of 199 euro. Hop in now and get one of these beauties in your kitty. It’s time to make the world envy.



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