Welcome to the world of ALLINmobile, the house of finest smartphones and tablets in Italy. We are here to give you a remarkable experience in the wonderful device called the smartphone. With ample scope for innovation, our technicians are always on the process of optimizing the operating system. Keeping this in mind, we have made some of our smartphones powered by an octa-core processor for a powerful performance so that you can go with the flow and accomplish every possible task from booking a cab to playing your favorite movie or maybe recording a special event in HD format on the go. So here is a list of fantastic mobiles you can get from us like ASSO 64, COLOSSEO, DUOMO, ARENA and BRAVO for the best experience ever.
But, before laying hands on these beauties get to know everything about octa-core processor, their ins and outs and befriend your device. In a lay man’s word, a processor is the brain of your mobile, it executes what you want your mobile to do. Smartphones are mini computers, and the core is the element in the processor that reads and executes your instructions. Devices emerged with a single core processor and by 2014 it was mostly about quad-core power. A year later we saw the rise of the octa-core processor launched by leading mobile brands. So what is the big deal about smartphones powered by octa-core processor? Let's know about it.
In case of quad-core, each core is assigned to do a particular task simultaneously, like playing a 3D game or watching a movie for fast and fluid performance. But modern octa-core processors simply have two sets of quad-core processor which splits the tasks among them according to types. Most of the time the less powered set of cores are assigned the job, the high powered set of four cores will only work when required, in times of more advanced tasks. So now giving heavy weight instructions to your smartphone like playing an HD video, photo manipulation, gaming etc., is just a piece of cake.
It's time to upgrade your simple smartphone into a super device with All in Moblile smart phones powered with octa-core processor for an awesome performance. Experience power with technology.